chapter six

I knock on their door. “Dad?” He doesn’t say Yes or I’ll be right out or anything. “Daddy?” I say as I open the door. My mom would say this room looked like it was hit by a tornado. The dresser is on its side, the drawers are coming out, the lamp that was on […]

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chapter five

“Can I get you something to drink?” I ask. “We’ll take two beers, please.” Ronnie says. Keith just sits there. His eyes look like a Chinese persons eyes. I put my hand on my hip and say “Two beers comin’ right up.” “Pretty and sweet” Ronnie says. I learned how to be a cocktail waitress […]

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am working on a novel…memoiresque..i’m trying to make it a kind of hilarious Angela’s Ashes. hahasobsob laughing through my tears. yes. i am the sad clown. chapters will be published. and hopefully other things.

laughing through the pain since 1982.

i try to be good

i try to be good